Art project "Sacred space", Ternopil, Ukraine, 2017

31 March - 14 April 2017
m. Ternopil, Ukrainian House "Peremoha"
Boulevard Shevchenko, 27

For several years in the time of Great Fast and Easter holidays in Lviv take place the Art project "Sacred space." organized by Art organisation "NURT". http://www.sacralspace.nurt.org.ua
This year part of the event will be presented to the public in Ternopil with the support of Culture and Arts of the Ternopil City Council.

About the project:
The project lasted during Lent. It is important to show the possibilities of search and experimentation in contemporary sacred art through artists drawing attention to new trends in actual secular art, particularly video art and  multimedia. And in this sense, is not the most important thing is to remain in the field of traditional religious ideals through creative experiment expand the boundaries of representation and perception of spiritual issues, change the view of the essence of the sacred. Artists presented the sacred compositions in the form of installations, video art, painting, objects and pictures. At the opening ceremony, to be held March 31, 2017 at 15:00 am at UH "Peremoha" was shown two performances of Mykhaylo Barabash and Yaryna Shumsky.

Mykhaylo Barabash, Tereza Barabash, Yuriy Biley, Danylo Movchan, Serhiy Radkevych, Yaryna Shumska Vitalii Shupliak, Volodymyr Topiy, Ruslan TrembaJoanna Zemanek
Curator: Mykhay Barabash
Mykhaylo Barabash "Ascension", video, 2014
Volodymyr Topiy "John the Baptist ..." video, 2016
Tereza Barabash "Formation 0", the video object, 2016
Mykhaylo Barabash "ECCE HOMO", video installation, 2014
Sergiy Radkevych "Fragments of the body," a series of graphic works on a dress patterns, 2015
Sergiy Radkevych "0 meters above sea level" or "Finding peace", canvas, author's technique, 2016
 Sergiy Radkevych "Calendar / full cycle of work in 2014", graphics series, 2014
Yuriy Biley "light Movement 2" of the project "Motion Detection", video, 2013
Danylo Movchan "The meal", photo, 2013
Vitalii Shupliak "Act", video, 2015
Tereza Barabash "Fetish", object, 2015
Joanna Zemanek "Easter rituals", video, 2013
Ruslan Tremba "Grafting", object, 2012

Yaryna Shumska, performance
 Mykhaylo Barabash, performance.