Art association NURT is an independent, non-profit NGO created by young Ukrainian artists in 2011. The main goal of the NGO "NURT" is updating underdeveloped areas of contemporary Ukrainian art in European and global context. 

Since 2011 Art Association NURT organized more than 30 different events including festivals, exhibitions, lectures, concerts, workshops, performances and creative meetings with famous European artists. Among them: International festival of audiovisual art "TETRAMATYKA", Festival of electroacoustic music "VOX ELECTRONICA", art project "Sacred space", art project "PANOPTICON", Ensemble of contemporary music "ConstantY". 
These projects outline the main areas of art association’s activity:
popularizing experiments in contemporary music and audio-visual art,
strengthening international art contacts,
making non-formal art education in the sphere of new technology and experiments in art free and friendly for creative youth,
popularizing ukrainian experimental art achievements abroad.



Roman Haydeichuk

Oleksandra Kushchenko

Olha Barabash