100 minutes of 4'33'' 2012

100 minutes "4 33"
5-8- September 2012
within the Week of Contemporary Art in Lviv, Ukraine

September 5th marks 100 years since the birth of John Cage - american composer and music theoretician, pioneer of aleatoric, musical indeterminism, electroacoustic music etc. Cage's influence is apparent not only in the development of music in the twentieth century, but also in other spheres of art (including performance art and theater).
August 29 is 60 years from premiere of Cage's most famous piece - 4 '33''.

Project 100 minutes "4 33" is dedicated to this events. Project 4'33'' presents 22 performance (100 min.) of Cage's most famous work in different sound landscapes.

Author of the idea and coordinator Ostap Manulyak